Chester Reimer Consulting Inc (CRCI) is a firm specializing in international affairs focusing on 7 key areas:


  1. Arctic Strategies
  2. Indigenous Peoples
  3. International Development
  4. Arctic Symposia
  5. Arctic Research
  6. Advice & Consulting
  7. Project Management
CRCI works with individuals and groups helping them find solutions to challenges that have an international dimension. Our principals and consultants have extensive experience in working with both large and very small international organizations and entities and have a strong appreciation of how the international dimension can and does impact significantly on small communities. Our job, in some cases, is to help bridge understanding and forge partnerships. In others, it is to help individuals and communities find their own solutions, depending on their needs.

We help organizations and individuals identify their challenges, and in partnership with them, find ways to most appropriately address these challenges. We develop advocacy strategies, undertake studies, facilitate meetings, negotiate agreements, train, research, write, and help plan projects.

CRCI president, Chester Reimer, has over 30 years working with indigenous peoples at the community and village levels, as well as at the international and ministerial levels. He is the former head of the Arctic Council's Indigenous Peoples Secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Director of Research for the Inuit Circumpolar Council in Ottawa, Canada and the Executive Director of the International Training Center of Indigenous Peoples in Nuuk, Greenland. Beyond North America, Mr. Reimer has led projects in places such as Arctic Russia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Peru. He has represented indigenous peoples at the United Nations, European Union, and the Arctic Council. His degrees in Engineering and Environmental Studies, coupled with his work experience at both the community level and international forums give CRCI's clients a wealth of experience in bridging the technical with the social, and the political with the pragmatic.